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When To Fish Arkansas

When to fish White River Arkansas

Spawning brown trout on the White River in Arkansas can be caught throughout the year. This river holds Giant Winter Trout. Winter offers the best opportunity for trophy Trout.

Best Times to fish White River Arkansas

Winter trout fishing at its finest! James landed this beautiful big brown trout on the White River in Arkansas

Here’s a visitors guide to some of the best times to fish, and the best rivers for Arkansas’s Trophy Brown Trout, Rainbow, Brook Trout, and Cutthroats. This listing should help anglers plan guided fishing trips in Arkanasas’  White & Norfork River. When to trout fish in Arkansas?

When to fish White River Trout

Truly the best time to fish White River Trout, and land a trophy brown trout of a lifetime is during the winter months. Late Fall – Early winter has giant brown trout in spawning mode. When to fish Arkansas? Spawning trout equals bead fishing for trout. No other guide service is more dialed in on bead fishing than we are. We’ve spent thousands of hours painting custom beads to match trout eggs. We have mastered bead fishing for trout. Bead fishing can be used while fly fishing or light spinning tackle under a float while side drifting, (Boon-Doogling) in a jet boat , power drifter, or drift boat, whichever you prefer. (870) 706-7952

When to fish White River Trout? Aside from bead fishing, the second major deal during then winter is the “Shad Kill”. The annual shad die off is the “Easy Button” for huge trout. Shad flushed through the turbines are easy prey. Our favorite technique during this time is ripping huge streamers against the shoreline, or casting jerk baits along the bank. These methods are energetic and face paced and produce fish big time!

If there is tough bite, our ace in the hole is fishing live shad or river shiners drifted along the bottom with a couple small split shot. This rig is simple but, can get them to bite when not much else will. It takes patience to wait for the big take, but he’s there when you set! Fish on!

Best Lures for White River Trout in Arkansas. Rapala Count down #6 Rainbow Trout. Rapala X-Rap Brown Trout or Rainbow Trout color. Panther Martin Spinners. Gold Blade / Black Body, white rooster tail spinners, Berkley Fenzy body baits. Deep Junior Thunder stick. Rainbow Trout or Brown Trout Color. Power Bait Hot Pink.

Berkley Power Bait Shrimp. Power Bait Marshmallows. King Salmon eggs. Egg Flies. Streamer Flies.
 (870) 706-7952