About Your Guide

About your White River Fishing Guide-Cody Willis

Cody was born and raised right here in Mountain Home, Arkansas. He grew up  fishing both the rivers and lakes here in this area, but his first love is fishing the White River for both Rainbows and Big Brown Trout! In all kinds of weather, whether it be rain, sleet, snow, or sun you will find Cody out on the river, doing what he loves best…FISHING!!!!


Cody loves to share his experiences and knowledge to ensure everyone has a great day on the water! He is a very strong advocate for catch and release on big Rainbow and Brown trout. He believes the “Big Ones”,  otherwise known as Trophy Trout, should be put back so others may experience the unforgettable thrill of catching “THAT BIG ONE“. With the advancement in technology, no longer do Anglers have to kill the fish to have a mount made. All you need are the measurements and any taxidermist can make you a complete replica of your Trophy fish!