North Fork

North Fork Trout Fishing

NorFork Trout Fishing - Arkansas Brown Trout at Night - Giant Arkansas Trout- Fly Fishing Arkansas

Big streamers at night bring out some monster Brown trout.

Norfork Trout Fishing - Arkansas Brown Trout Fishing - Arkansas Fly Fishing Trout

North Fork River holds some large Brown trout near the mouth of the White River..

The North Fork River, (Norfork) is a hidden gem among anglers. Smaller and secluded, the North Fork River offers some of the best in fly fishing. Just a mere 5 miles long before joining the White River, the North Fork is a fly fisherman’s paradise.  Call Cody Willis at (231) 519-7348

The North Fork is much more shallow and easily waded. High banks and ridges keep wind minimal making for great casting conditions, and good fishing.

The North Fork River boasts heavy plants of Rainbow trout, Brown, Cutthroat, and a handful of Brook trout as well. This smaller river has more consistent stream flows making for better wading and fly fishing. Shallow riffles, moderate runs, and deeper pools offer plenty of trout habitat and great angling opportunities. Most of the year, the North Fork River is best suited for drift boats, rafts, and smaller jet boats. Clients are encouraged to bring waders on these guided trips. It’s a wonderful experience to be able to hop out from the boat and fish a meandering riffle with rising trout.

Many techniques work very well on the North Fork trout fishing. Fly fishing is king here. Offering excellent dry fly fishing, nymphing, and streamers on lighter sink tips. Swinging soft hackles is also very productive, and will certainly move some larger trout. During the winter months, this river also has a decent shad die off, or shad kill. Smaller shad flickering on the surface often draws vicious strikes from trophy trout searching for an easy meal.

Spin fishing (spinning gear) anglers also have an opportunity to fish the North Fork River and have two key locations available for bait fishing, catch and release and catch and keep for Rainbow trout. Below Lake Norfork Dam, there’s a good mile section for gear anglers below the dam. Fishing Power Bait, canned corn, or live shiners, fishes well in this section. Casting spinners or a small Rapala can work wonders in this area. The lower section, leading into the mouth of the White River is also very good, and bait friendly. This area is stocked with Rainbow trout and also receives a shad kill during the winter months.

We have guide trips available for the North Fork. These guide trips are premium for anglers and offer incredible fishing opportunities, surrounded by scenic beauty, wildlife, and peacefulness. It’s truly a blessed river for so many reasons, awesome fishing is just one of many!