The Best River Fishing Report

The Best River Fishing Report

White River Trout Fishing Report – Nymphing today!

Here’s today’s The Best River Fishing Report:

It sure felt great today to get on the water. Fly Fishing was our name, nymphing was our game! We put in at the Woods launch below Bull Shoals Dam on the White River this morning. Fly rods in hand, we were excited to fish for Rainbow trout today.

Jim wanted to keep a few for dinner so we spent a few hours boon doggling indicators for a bit. immediately we hooked several nice rainbows on scud patterns. Scud patterns and small size 18 Frenchie nymphs worked well this morning. (Frenchie is basically a pheasant tail nymph with a florescent thorax, shell pink, orange, etc.) It’s a great fly when the water is a bit off color. We also hit a few nice brown trout on eggs patterns. Brown Trout usually spawn on the Norfork, and the White during the winter months. apparently there’s still a handful spawning on the shoals. Peach egg patterns took a couple nice fish.

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Nice Rainbow Trout from the White River in Arkansas. Bull Shoals Dam. Fly Fishing White River Trout – Trout Guides for Arkansas


Best White River Fishing Report - Trout Fishing Reports for Arkansas - Fly Fishing Arkansas 

James with a gorgeous Brown Trout from today. White River Shad Kill was going strong. Streamer Fly Fishing was good. Big Streamers on sink tip fly lines were getting down to the larger trout. Shad die off usually produces larger fish.

The Best River FishingReport laterr in the day. They started to generate later in the day. We threw streamer for awhile. Bob landed a nice brown trout on a shad streamer. (Ice Man Minnow) There was a decent shad kill over the past few days. I think the big fish are keyed up on shad patterns . I think the streamer fly fishing should remain excellent over the next few days for sure. Heavier sink tip lines help big flies get down to the fish.

Jim and Bob ended our afternoon with several nice fish to the net and a limit of quality Rainbow Trout.

I think fishing will remain good, especially with the Shad die off on the White River.


Norfork river fishing report

White river fishing report Arkansas for the White and Norfork Rivers. Trout fishing below Bull Shoals Dam in Arkansas.

Guided fishing adventures for trophy Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat, and Brook Trout on the White River in Arkansas with guide, Jake Thomas. We will discuss “How to tips, instructional, and keys to success for catching more, and larger trout on the White River near Flippin, AR. Trout fishing the White River can take some patients. There are huge trout in this river, however, it does get some serious guide pressure from anglers. The giant trout have gotten large for a reason, they’re pretty smart and educated on their food sources.

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Summer time offers wonderful trout fishing on the White River. Dry fly fishing for rainbow trout.


We have been expert fly fishing guides for trout for over ten years. We have a passion for fishing and getting clients into numbers of big trout on the White and Norfork Rivers. Limits of Rainbow trout are common, we almost guarantee that. We even clean your catch for you!

World Class Brown Trout Fishing – White River.

We spent the last couple of days fishing below the Bull Shoals Dam catch and release area. This section opens on February 1st each year, right after the brown trout spawn. Good numbers of the browns in that section. They were quite thin, skinny trout but there was lots of fish, both brown trout, and rainbows. We landed many fish on smaller, white streamers, and nymphing small glo bugs (Natural egg patterns)

Trophy Brown Trout Fishing on the White River Arkansas - Best White River Fishing Reports 

Beast Mode!! Giant male brown trout taken on a big streamer. Shad kill equals huge trout.

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The White River in Arkansas offers world Class trout fishing below the Bull Shoal Dam in Cotter, AR.

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Jake with a gorgeous hen brown trout. These fish have been big and feeding well. The streamer game is going big time!

Another, do not miss for this time of year, (Winter) is the shad kills that frequently happen this time of the year. Shad die offs occur when we have a severe cold snap, shad become lethargic and get sucked through the turbines at the dam. Injured shad offer a smorgasbord for big trout. Crippled prey offer a feast for these fish, and often times, is the key to unlocking a trophy!!

Big streamers tied in white, pearl, yellow, and brown offer good shad variations, don’t ask me why but, big trout just pound yellow / brown streamers for some reason. Small shad patterns like the Ice Man Minnow, or smaller white woolly buggers, or buck tail flies also work great. White River Trout Streamers


If you’re a bait spin fishing guy, this is an awesome time to be on the water! Casting jerk baits (Rapala, Husky Jerk, Berkley Frenzy) along the shore line can produce some bigger trout. I prefer a very strong, snap, snap, pause, seems to work best. Remember to pause your jerk bait for a little bit. Remember, it’s winter and the water temperatures is cold! These fish can be slow and sluggish with the colder water temperatures. You can’t believe how many times we big fish on the pause, it’s a major deal with jerk baits. Here’s more information about the White River Trout Fishing report for Arkansas.

White River Trout Fishing
North Fork Trout Fishing

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