High Water Brown Trout – White River, Bull Shoals

High Water Brown Trout – White River, Bull Shoals

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High Water Brown Trout – Fantastic Fishing!

Often times, Trout anglers fear high water. Not so, on the White River, Arkansas. Six spill gates make for some of the most incredible, high water, trophy Brown Trout. I’ve found that high water makes these fish aggressive, and snap!! I change it up and it makes for phenomenal fishing!

Jerk Baits for big Trout - Trout fishing White River in Arkansas.
I have great success with customers throwing jerk baits for big Brown Trout.

High water makes for great opportunity for big trout. When the water rises, it put trophy Brown Trout on the feed. Often, during high water, shad get pulled through the spill gates. This is a good bait fish feed for trout. Match the hatch! Jerk baits, streamers, and hair jigs in white or pearl are always good choices. Drifted, dead Shad or salted minnows also work well.

Arkansas Trout Fishing - Bull Shoals Dam - Trout fishing guides.
Hair Jigs work when Shad are coming through the spill gates.

Don’t be scared of high water on the White River. The water stays extremely clear, even when the water is up. High water is highly oxyigenated, and flush with food for feeding trout. Trout are also less wary when levels are up, meaning big fish get stupid when they’re feeding in higher water. It could be your shot at a fish of a lifetime.

White River Rainbow Trout - Trout Fishing White River in Arkansas.
7 Spill gates open and Trout fishing is Awesome on the White River, below Bull Shoals Dam. Come fish with us, and get the big ones! (231) 519-7348

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