Your 101 Guide to the essential accessories for Fly Fishing!

It is very typical of a new angler to get overwhelmed by just looking at the list of accessories that one needs to buy. Merely looking for a fishing rod or a combination of fly fish rods could be a strenuous deal to make. You will have to go through one website after another researching the things before coming to a conclusion. But, what if we tell you that we have covered for you all the essential information needed for White River Fly fishing?

In this guide, we will take you through a step-by-step approach to find out about the different kinds of fly fishing essential accessories. Here we will talk about some of the items that are a must-have by the new anglers when they plan to go out for fishing in the White River, Arkansas. So let us get started with all the essential items that you should have with you and the things that you can ignore without a doubt.

Accessories that you can avoid:

Before we get ahead with listing all the fishing accessories that you might need, let us tell you about the ones that you don’t. You will come across several accessories, and most of the websites might even misguide you into buying them. But, you need to be careful and rest assured that these are some of the items that you definitely won’t need for your fishing expedition. In the long run, an angler might need these accessories, but if we are talking about a beginner here, these are mainly a waste of money.

1-Forceps: Forceps are needed for removing the fishing hooks. You will need a pair if you chase after fishes with teeth. But, when it comes to White River Fly fishingforceps are not what you should be looking for.

2-Headlamp: First, you should be an expert in fishing during the day, only then you will require a headlamp to fish during the darker hours of the day.

3-Sinking Fly Line: In the initial stages of fishing, a sinking fly line is an unnecessary accessory. Unless and until you are chasing after the bass fishes or fishes of the same species in the deeper parts of the lakes, there is no need for a Sinking Fly Line.

4-Stripping Basket: Unless you have a plan to make hundred-foot casts, beginners do not need to have something extra hanging down their shoulders

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5-Landing Glove: Landing gloves are not required for fishing Trout. On the other hand, if you want to look out for the fishes with teeth, you might need a pair.

6-Streamside Thermometer: You will need a streamside thermometer only when you cross a particular stage of experience in fishing.

7-Bug Net: You will need a fishing net, not bug nets, not at least as a beginner.

8-Wading Staff: Unless you are heading out to fishing in very fast-moving water as that of in White River Fly fishing, you won’t need a wading staff along with you. As a new angler, you should be more focused on fishing in the more tranquil water and practice well before you expose yourself to any probable risks.

9-Wading Boot Cleats: You won’t need cleats that fit over the wading boots. Just as the wading staff, the wading boot cleats will be required by beginners when they are rip-roaring in the incredibly fast-moving river current. However, it would be better if you went ahead and bought an expensive pair of wading boots instead of wasting your money on cleats.

10-Specialized Wading Belt: Similarly, a beginner wouldn’t need a specialized belt for wading until and unless they are exposing themselves to a particularly dangerous stream of water for fly fishing.

11-Entomology Kit: This is one of the nicest things to have as an advanced angler, which helps in bug detection. However, in the case of beginners, it is entirely unnecessary.

12-Waist Pack: This is used by the guides of White River Fly fishingand for beginners who have way too much stuff to carry to the water. But, we would suggest otherwise. Instead of carrying unnecessary items to the river, why don’t you invest your money in purchasing a fly fishing vest instead?

13-Stomach Pump: There is no particular sane reason behind why an angler, whether advanced or beginner, would want to use a stomach pump. There are faster and easier ways to identify what it is that a trout is feeding instead of using a stomach pump.

14-Packable Trash Can: A ziplock bag would do much better than a standard trash container, and it wouldn’t even smell that bad either.

15-Racks for the fishing rods: The racks are used for storing fishing rods in your home. It could be merely a waste of money as the fishing rod tube that came along with the fly rods fulfills the storage job. Though the rod racks give out a delicate appearance, they are entirely unnecessary for the beginners.

As these items have been successfully discarded from the list, let us move ahead to find out what the anglers would need instead.

Fly Fish Nets:

1-Why are Fly Fishing Nets needed?

This advice is coming from the ones that are extremely experienced for White River Fly fishing. They say that it could be tough to land anything larger than a panfish if you didn’t have a fishing net with you. Instead of exposing yourself to the process of learning things the hard way, it would be in your best interest to take the advice of peers and get yourself fishing nets. Without fishing net at your disposal, it is going to be very difficult for you to land the fish, and in desperate times, the fish might snap and swim back to the water.

For catch and release fishing process, the fishing nets are essential, as they will enable you to remove the hook from the fish as smoothly as possible. Having a net with you would make the process of catching the fish in the White River reasonably easier.

2-What are the factors that you need to consider while buying Fishing Nets?

Weight is the paramount factor that you need to consider while shopping for fishing nets. However, we would suggest the beginners buy the lightest fishing net possible. The fishing net should be large enough for the angler to pull off the catching and releasing of a medium-sized Flyfish. Make sure to wear this net every minute you spend in the water waiting to catch a fish or two. Therefore, purchasing a light-weighted net would be beneficial.

Magnetic Release Holder for the Fishing Net:

The Magnetic Release Holder enables the fisherman to attach his fishing net to his fishing vest. It works in a way in which the magnetic holder exerts around 12 pounds-force to keep the net secured. But, the principle design of the holder is so ergonomic that it isn’t even a little challenging to detach the net when the angler grabs it while landing a fish. It is one of the essential accessories that an angler should have while out for White River Fly fishing. Without the help of a magnetic release holder, it would be challenging for the angler to grab the fishing net while landing a trout.

Fly Dressing or Fly Floatant:

Fly Dressing or a Floatant is an essential part of fishing, and every angler, whether beginner or advanced, should have one. The Fly Floatant is basically used to retain the buoyancy of the flies, or it can also be used to keep the dry flies floating on the water’s surface. Without using a Fly Floatant, the dry flies after being used will be logged with water and won’t be able to swim any further. And the fly that isn’t able to float correctly is entirely ignored by the Trout fish.

How should you be using a Fly Floatant?

Ideally, a fly floatant can be efficiently used on perfectly dry flies. Once you have made sure that the flies are completely dry, you can spray the fly floatant or so to say –apply the Dressing on to the dried up fly. If the fly is in wet condition, make sure to give it a good shake, which will help you get rid of any extra water. Then allow the fly to sit for a minute or two to dry out and then apply the fly floatant spray again, and you are good to go.

What are the Polarized Sunglasses?

As you know, the polarized sunglasses are used for cutting through the glare. When you are out for White River Fly fishing, the polarized sunglasses are basically used to facilitate your way to see through the water and help in cutting out the glare released out by the water. As an angler, you will have a clear vision of the water, and you will be able to the Trout’s fly when they are floating near you. If we put it in clear words –an angler might as well be called “fishing blind” without the use of excellent polarized sunglasses. Yes! They are that important!

What kind of polarized sunglasses should you buy?

Sunglasses are one of the personal items. You can go ahead and spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on buying stylish and fancy sunglasses. However, for fly fishing, while the expensive sunglasses could be excellent to possess, they are not particularly needed. Typically, all the cheapest pairs of polarized sunglasses would do the work of helping you see through the water. You don’t have to spend hefty bucks in buying them.

But, there are two features that, as an angler, you must check before you purchase the polarized sunglasses. Firstly, the sunglass should come with a scratch-resisting lens feature. That is because no sooner than later, a branch or a wayward fly is going to strike the lenses. Therefore, it would be wise of you to purchase polarized shades with scratch-resistant lenses.

And secondly, the sunglass you purchase shouldn’t be flimsy; it needs to be robust and durable. Throughout your fishing expedition, there will be a particular hour, when you would just want to take a break and squish those sunglasses down your pocket, the glasses could be dropped occasionally, banged around, or in many cases, could be ignored too. Therefore, using a temperamental polarized sunglass is a subtle way of ending up having no sunglasses at all by the time the day ends.

Bottom Line:

In this article, we first started by introducing you to the world of accessories required for White River Fly fishing. We made sure to list all the unnecessary items that you won’t need as a beginner of fishing, especially in the White River, Arkansas. But, then make sure to read that list carefully there are certain items included too, which you will require when you advance with your fishing expedition. Then we slowly proceeded towards the essential things that you shouldn’t be ignored at all costs. The fishing nets, magnetic holder, and polarized sunglasses are among the essentials that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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